"Patrick Eggle Guitars - The Legendary Years (90s)" is a resource celebrating some of the finest examples of British Guitar Luthiery specifically those guitars made between 1991 and 2000 under the various ownerships that began with Patrick Eggle and Andrew Selby forming a new British company to make superlative quality electric guitars and ended with the sale/closure of the company when PEG owner Dave Quill sold his Musical Exchanges business to Sound Control in 2000.

This site was originally set up as a resource to support the official Patrick Eggle Guitars Forum (owned and run by Gordon Tilley, the current owner of Patrick Eggle Guitars). On July 25th 2005 the official forum was closed, reportedly for an indefinite period, the explanation being that it had been taken down due to security hacks.

During the period when the official forum was operational, this resource was frequently accessed by forum members and visitors, using the links placed in the forum to study a whole variety of photographic and written media documenting the aforementioned period of the company — links that were external to this website, there being no internal menu structure. This has now been rectified ... please use the menu buttons below to access the large variety of information within, or alternatively, visit the sister website www.patrickeggleguitars.org in which you'll find:

Patrick Eggle Guitars — The Legendary Years (90s) — An Independent and Unofficial Forum

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